Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My thesis defense was yesterday. So now I have a degree certificate in French in addition to certificates in English and Latin.
At Takshashila, which Panini and Chanakya both attended, the certification would have been a Sanskrit title--acharya perhaps. At Nalanda, which resembeled a public university far more, it may have been in Pali or some other Prakrit. These were the oldest universities in the world by, as Amartya Sen puts it, "a long margin".

A round of acknowldegement:
I'd have to credit the disembodied collective of knowledge that is the internet as coauthor.


Igor said...

Congratulations Meena!

Meena Mani said...

Thanks Igor--I got some good information from your blog.

Gautam S. said...

Congrats Dr Meena. Didn't know you had a blog.

Meena Mani said...

Thanks Gautam.