Thursday, July 30, 2009

Florida in August ...

or France? Well, all of France has shut down whereas Florida is just hot, humid and worse than Singapore. I think I'll take Florida.

Now this is a perfect scene.

It's Pléneuf Val-André, Brittany at its best. It's France in the run-up to August. (Our group went there for a retreat in June. Well, I retreated, some others were paying tribute to Machiavelli.)

So why do I prefer Florida? I'll be working with Anuj Srivastava at FSU, This will be my first opportunity to work closely with a professor. And there will be 4 months of this. I'm excited.

I should mention I have a grant from UEB, and if that is not enough, my regular INRIA CORDIS grant is there. One should be grateful even if it is August and Thanksgiving is many months away.

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